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12:48 | Sep 23 | 2014

Yakutia: refugees from Ukraine need help

 Aside from a shelter and work the refugees from the south-east of Ukraine need warm clothes and shoes, personal hygiene items and bedding. This was discussed at the republican crisis center.

In this regard, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Sakha Alexander Vlasov prepared an appeal to residents of Yakutia with a request to help.

People, whom the war had left without the basic necessities, are now trying to piece up their life in a new place; most of them are women and children. It is hoped, that only ordinary people can help them now, says the Deputy Prime Minister. “Displaced people came to the republic only with what they took along, harsh Yakut winter is just round the corner", - said Alexander Vlasov.

 According to him, people of Yakutia will not leave the refugees in the lurch. Alexander Vlasov expressed gratitude to the people and organizations that have already provided all possible assistance to the needy.

At present in Yakutsk there is Humanitarian Aid Office in disabled person’s public organization "Phoenix" (Bogatyryov st., 1/11, entrance 1).