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12:08 | Aug 27 | 2014

Yakut students attend International Robotics Camp in Japan

 Japan hosted the International Robotics Academic Camp for children, organized by the Youth Association of Future Scientists (Japan), with the participation of the Institute for Gifted Children Education of the Kongju National University (Korea) and NEFU Small Computer Academy (Russia).

This association has more than ten years of experience in early childh development, focusing on the use of educational robots for promoting interest in science and technology, the formation of logical thinking skills and collaborative constructive activities for children of primary and secondary school age.

The camp program included sessions on the basics of programming mobile robots, educational events and social activities.

29 Japanese, 15 Korean and 7 Yakut students learnt programming in C language, gave presentations of their countries, communicated and played together, including the game where they had to restore drawings and models of robots by their verbal descriptions.

The children were excitedto to meet the Japanese students who took this year's third place in the Robotics Cup in Brazil.

In educational competitions  on programming mobile robots, Wataru from Japan and Maxim Turantaev of Sakha-Belgian high school took second place among the 26 teams and got as a prize an educational robotics set.

After the training, the participants of the camp had a tour of the city of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.

The next similar camp for middle-school children will be held in Korea.