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10:40 | Aug 21 | 2014

Students from Yakutia represent Russia at International Youth Robot Competition in Korea

 Students from Yakutia performed successfully at the International Youth Robot Competition (IYRC) based on the Korean educational robot kits HUNA-MRT.

In "My robot, my friend"contest, Kirill Popov of Khatass School (teacher - Konstantin Popov) won the main prize of the City Hall of Daejeon for his design of a robot dog. The first place in the contest the jury awarded to Volodya Yandreev and Stanislav Vasilyev of Khotochchu School for "Robot-coach" (teacher - Pavel Chernogradsky), the second place - Artem Danilov of Chukar School for "Robot-bulldozer", the third place - Nyurgustan Sergeyev and Philip Koryakin of Nam School of Verkhnevilyuisk region for "Robot-haymaker".

Anna Zakharova of Igidey School, an experienced participant of robotic competitions (teacher - Vladimir Lopatin), managed to take second place in the competition "The movement along the line," and Arthur Ivanov from the Center of Child Scientific and Technical Creativity of Nam region (teacher - Varvara Ivanova) - third place in the "Labyrinth" competition.

The International Youth Robot Competition (IYRC) based on the Korean educational robot kits HUNA-MRT have become the first international robotics competition for Yakut students. This competition in Daejeon, the famous scientific and technical capital of Korea, gathered more than 200 children from Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and Thailand. Russia was represented at IYRC by 18 students from 11 schools in Yakutsk, Verkhnevilyuisk, Megino-Kangalas, Nam, Nyurba, Tatta and Khangalas regions of Yakutia.

The participation of the Russian team in the competition was organized by Brain Development from St. Petersburg and Smart Education from Yakutsk along with the Small Computer Academy of North-Eastren Federal University.