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10:21 | Aug 19 | 2014

Yakutsk to see monument for girl surviving in taiga thanks to her puppy

 The staff of the Yakutsk airport has initiated the setting of a figure of the 4-year-old girl surviving in taiga and her puppy which stayed by its owner for 12 days and helped to save her near the company's premises, reports ITAR-TASS.

Next to the sculpture there will be a memorial plaque with the amazing story of little Karina engraved in two languages, Russian and English, added in the Airport Press Service.

On July 29, the girl went to meet her father, who was to come from a neighboring village. Her mother was working at haymaking site and came to know the girl was missing on August 2 only, when she contacted her husband and learned that the child was not with him. Searching work started on August 2 and ended on 9 August.

The day before finding the girl, the rescuers saw Naida, Karina's puppy coming from the forest. That helped them to understand where the girl might be.

Now the girl is in hospital. Doctors say that she is gaining weight and is getting better quickly.

The Yakutsk Airport has given the girl and her mother two packages to a sanatorium, where the child will be able to receive treatment and recover fully.