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12:53 | Aug 11 | 2014

Girl is on the mend after 10 days in taiga

 The health condition of four-year-old Karina Chikitovova, who was wandering alone in the taiga for 10 days near the village Olom of the Olekminsky region of Yakutia, is recognized satisfactory.

The patient was transferred from intensive care to a gastroenterological department. Health status is closer to a satisfactory, Karina is on the separate nutrition”, - said Head of the Pediatric Center of the Republican Hospital 1 Ludmila Nikolaeva.

According to doctors, the child is recovering: little girl started to talk. Her is her mother is next to her.

The girl disappeared on July 29 in a remote village Olom. Her mother set up alarm only on August 2. She thought her father had taken daughter along. When it turned out that the man hadn’t done it, they started a search. More than 10 days a little girl spent in the taiga. She was found on August 9, the child was taken to the Central Regional Hospital, then transported to the Medical Center in Yakutsk.