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10:52 | Aug 01 | 2014

Yakutia to have more products from Altai

 The delegation of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and Altai Krai authorities had a meeting where they discussed the details of increasing supply of Altai products to the Sakha Republic, informs the Altai Department for Food, Processing, Pharmaceutical Industries and Biotechnologies.


The Yakut delegation visited Evalar and Biolit enterprises, the Mountainous Pharmacy Museum. Altai Krai is a unique region, ranking third in Russia by production of biologically active additives; it has 12 enterprises producing pharmaceutical products, as well as 36 enterprises manufacturing parapharmaceutical products.


The meeting participants also focused on promoting healthy eating. The visiting delegation got interested in the Altai State Program on Healthy Eating of the Population in 2013-2017, also in the information campaign aimed at promotion of the local food products, for children in particular, as well as in the appearance of the Altai Products regional brand.