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11:51 | Jun 26 | 2014

Korean guests shown ritual for child-birth

 The Korean delegation, which included a TV crew and a professor of one of Korean universities studying shamanism, attended the Yakut ceremony, executed at child-birth in the House of Archy in Yakutsk.

"The Yakut ritual is very similar to the one that we have.  Koreans also carefully keep the secundines and naval cord,"- commented Moon shaman from South Korea, who is preparing the Cultuie of Human Life festival in the framework of the UNESCO program.

"Now life is not valued as highly as it should be, - he said. - And therefore, to show how valuable each human life is, Korea will be organize a festival, where representatives of various countries will show this ritual," - he said.

"The ritual was held in the Yakut language, however, I understood almost everything," - said Moon.

The House of Archy specialists presented a very real scene of obstetrics, and a shortened version of the rituals before and after birth.