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09:55 | Jun 23 | 2014

Yamal to buy horse herd

 Recently, a delegation of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District visited Khangalassky region in Yakutia in order to see withtheir own eyes Yakut breed horses, as well as to learn from the republic's bison farm breeding the wood bison.

At Berteh stud farm the guests from Yamal closely examined Yakut horses and learnt about their ability to live the winter without shelter and substantial reserves of food. Inspired by what they had seen, the guests began to calculate the number of horses that they need for a stable breeding herd on their territory.

It has been decided to purchase a herd of 160 two-year-old horses. The transportation and logistics issues are to be discussed later.

Then the guests from Yamal visited the bison farm. The nature reserve staff held a purification and blessing rite for the guests, demonstrated a beautiful white Siberian Crane dance.