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09:52 | Mar 20 | 2014

Yakutsk mayor offered to admit the city as the Arctic capital

Yakutsk mayor Aisen Nikolaev suggested to admit Yakutsk as the cultural capital of Arctic. The city head announced his proposal in his speech at the opening ceremony of “Culture and Civilization of the Arctic" cultural forum, taking place in Yakutsk these days.

Speaking in favor of his proposal, the capital head said that contemporary Yakutsk is a place where modern cultural trends are embodied in harmony with the national traditions of many peoples, who has lived here for centuries. He recalled Tuimaada Ysyakh as an example of the city’s high standards of cultural traditions revival. Ysyakh became the largest national holiday in Russia. The national innovation creative cluster "Olonkholand” promises to be the new center of culture development in the capital. According to Aisen Nikolaev, this project will create a "unique opportunity for the development of Yakutsk as interregional and possibly international cultural center, it will be the starting point for creation of the " smart city " and the introduction of the urban design most modern technologies”.

"Thus Yakutia and its capital have formed a peculiar model of development based on the implementation of unique, distinctive culture created by permafrost. Today, this allows us to offer the idea of Yakutsk recognition as Arctic cultural capital" - he concluded, added that the mission of Yakutsk - the “city of the high life quality in the North, a city with ancient cultural traditions" – is the same as the objectives and strategy of the Arctic zone of Russia, principles of international circumpolar cooperation.

The capital head’s offer was supported by the Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development Andrei Borisov, who said that he found the idea of ​​the capital’s head very productive and opening new horizons for the culture and spirituality in Yakutia.

"I strongly support Aisen Sergeevich proposal and I hope that the forum will also support it", - he said, demanding for the proposal to be included into the forum final resolution.

Source: YSIA