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09:20 | Apr 08 | 2014

The Yakut villagers are invited to relax in Crimea

President of Crimea largest travel company "Kandagar" Boris Zelinsky said they sent a letter to the republic leadership with a proposal to represent the interests of tourism in Crimea at the meeting of the Crimea Republic delegation in the Yakutia Ministry of Agriculture and Food Policy. CEO also said that he proposed other quotations as on the acquisition of holiday camps for children of the republic, investment projects for the supply of products to Crimea and vice versa in Yakutia from Crimea, the Ministry press service reports.

"We have already successfully represented a family vacation for five years - said the director of the hotel “Porto Sea" Michael Bychenkov. - The hotel is open all year round, in the off season we provide significant discounts to parents with children: so, today a rest of a child of up to 6 years and a single parent with two meals a day costs is 1.5 thousand rubles a day. Our prices today are by 20-30 percent below than that of Sochi and the Krasnodar Territory resorts. Preschool child resting in the hotel will be able to visit the kindergarten and the student goes to the teachers."

Head of Civil Service and Personnel Ministry Elena Mikhailova familiarized the guests with a list of workers in the industry, their 16 titles (herders, fishermen, milkmaids, etc. only blue-collar occupations representatives), may have a tour once in two years by order of the Republic Government. A trip ticket of such vacationers is paid by 80 percent of the state budget, 20 percent of their own funds. Also, each vacationer may pay a ticket to and back the destination from the state budget once in two years. 9.5 million rubles have been allocated this year for these purposes.

"If the industry workers used to take tours predominantly in the Asia-Pacific region and central Russia, now, thanks to the competitive prices for services, village workers may consider leisure options in the Crimea too", - she said.

"When the republic delegation acquainted with the work of Crimea resorts, I loved the fact that they have professional staff of physicians precisely on balneology. So unions will contribute to the recreation of workers and agricultural workers children in Crimea", - said the republic agricultural workers union chairman Boris Nikolaev.


Source: YSIA