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22:41 | Dec 27 | 2013

Energosbyt erected ice sculptures to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Yakutian Energy


An ice composition appeared on the eve of New Year celebrations in the yard of Energosbyt office of Yakutskenergo JSC is devoted to a significant date which will be celebrated in 2014 throughout the republic - the 100th anniversary of the first power plant opening in Yakutia.

Special attention in the composition is given to figures personifying labor of energy workers: these are power transmission line towers, a cozy house, and the sun giving light, warmth, and life at the same time. It doesn’t go without a symbol of the coming year. There are three horses driven by Ded Moroz in the center of the composition.

The third part of the composition is associated with the environmental theme and dedicated to the flora and fauna of our northern republic.

“The environment preservation is one of the priorities of the energy company, - Vasily Mulyar, the Deputy Director of Energosbyt, says.