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22:42 | Dec 18 | 2013

Monument to Tygyn Darkhan to be erected in Khangalassy

The idea of creating a monument to Tygyn Darkhan on Khangalassy land will soon be implemented. The initiative to set the image of their great ancestor in stone has come from the society Khangalas.

Sculptors have presented their vision of the monument to the public at the exhibition Rarities of Khangalassky Region opened at the National Arts Museum on Friday.

The final choice will be determined by the popular vote.

The next step will be fund raising for the monument to Tygyn Darkhan. The project will implement at the expenses of people, not the budget.

The monument to Tygyn Darkhan is planned to be erected in the Erkeni Valley by the upcoming Ysyakh of Olonkho.


Photo's source: http://ysia.ru