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18:24 | Dec 17 | 2013

Japanese scientist: Yakutian permafrost is continuous

Guo Ivahana, Professor of Hokkaido University (Japan), has carried out a commencement lecture on permafrost in Siberia, Alaska and Japan. The Professor has revealed that ecosystem change affects the state of permafrost.

“Permafrost is of three types: continuous, discontinuous and sporadic. Yakutian permafrost is continuous. We have conducted studies on the Laptev Sea, the New Siberian Islands, in the delta of the Lena River and on Bykovsky Peninsula” Professor Guo Ivahana said.

According to the conclusion of the Japanese scientist, the ecosystem change in boreal forests affects the state of permafrost. In winter permafrost ground freeze, and there is a process of irreversible thermokarst in summer. This also applies to the left bank of the Lena River, where there are also thermokarst territories. In rich permafrost areas as near Yakutsk, the underground ice complex melts due to thermal saturation, and the ice surface decreases. Thus, as soon as the thermokarst process begins, a thermokarst lake forms. Eventually, the lake dries up gradually because of very dry climate.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru