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00:35 | Dec 14 | 2013

Cooperation of SkolTech and NEFU

On December 11, Rector of the North - Eastern Federal University Evgenia Mikhailova and Vice-President of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology signed a cooperation agreement in the field of education. The priority areas of joint activities will be energy industry, biomedicine, nanotechnology, and environment.

“The purpose of the agreement is to coordinate cooperation in the field of educational technologies development for preparation of a new generation of engineers, to introduce CDIO standards and to implement joint scientific and technical projects aimed at training specialists of international level”, the Director of the NEFU Strategic Development Department, Vasily Savvinov, said.

According to him, the cooperation with SkolTech will give the Federal University the opportunity to become a member of CDIO – an association of universities with practice-oriented education.


Photo's source: http://ysia.ru