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18:14 | Dec 12 | 2013

NEFU to cooperate with the most modern London University in the field of tourism

The North - Eastern Federal University continues to develop international cooperation. On December 3, the university delegation visited the University of West London.

“The University of West London has an excellent reputation in the education world. For instance, last year it was recognized the most modern university in London by the Guardian newspaper, and in 2008 in it took the first place in the nomination Guaranteed Employment of Graduates in the Times Higher Education rankings”, NEFU representatives say.

The Vice-Rector for Human Development of the federal university, Anatoly Burtsev, met with the leadership of the English university. The parties expressed readiness to cooperate in the field of tourism.

“Cooperation in this area will be very useful. In recent years, the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality at the University of West London is the leader of the restaurant and hotel business; it organizes receptions of the Queen of Great Britain for several years, and in 2012 it organized all the receptions of the London Olympics”, NEFU delegates adds.

 Photo's source: http://ysia.ru