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11:34 | Nov 21 | 2013

World Reindeer Herders create Arctic Culinary Institute to preserve traditional cuisine

The World Reindeer Herders association has proposed to create the Arctic Culinary Institute of indigenous peoples’ traditional cuisine. This idea has been discussed by the organization board at the last meeting in Norway.
According to the Chairman of the World Reindeer Herders association, the project would let explore cuisines not only of the peoples involved in reindeer herding, but also of all Arctic indigenous ethnic small groups with their own traditions. The task of the institute is learning of the culinary traditions and their popularization. In addition, such an institution could really help to develop the venison market, which is not presented in our country at all.
The information accumulated and processed in the Arctic Culinary Institute will be available to any interested person. Young people have started to work on collection of as many as possible recipes and culinary techniques, because despite the fact that the northern peoples have common traditions, each ethnic group can present their own unique skills.
Photo'ssource: http://ysia.ru