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20:23 | Nov 18 | 2013

Planet Yakutia received My Planet award for travel discoveries

On November 14, the Moscow International House of Music held My Planet awards presentation of the most innovative and high-profile companies and projects in the field of tourism, as well as the most outstanding persons of the tourism industry for discoveries in the field of travel in 2013.

The magazine Around the World was named the best “Information Resource About Travel”; Altay Territory received the title of “Best Region for Travel in Russia” for the second time; the project Planet Yakutia excelled in the category “Branding of the Region”; an airline with the most valuable proposition for customers in 2013 was Singapore Airlines; “Radio Program About Travel” award went to the radio broadcaster of the Silver Rain Alexander Bunin; Excursiopedia company won in the category “The Thematic Holiday”; the best “Documentary of Travel in Russia” was a film of Moscow 24; the best “Blog About Travel” was the project Mytravelbaby; Anywayanyday company won in the category “Service on Search and Booking of Air and Railway Tickets”; and the title “Man of Peace” went to the legendary host of the TV program In the Animal World ,Nikolai Drozdov.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru