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23:12 | Nov 14 | 2013

Aldan to have an ice rink soon

Soon, Aldan should have its own indoor ice rink with a standard hockey arena (30 x 60 meters). Construction of this facility is included in the investment programs for the Aldan region development. Currently, there are project works carried out, which are scheduled to be completed in early December.

Aldan ice rink will be constructed on an individual project, thus, it will be different from similar structures already constructed in our republic. “Our rink won’t permanently have artificial ice, since our summer is so short. So, winters will provide for the natural freezing from October to May inclusive. During the severe frosts, the indoor skating rink will have a system heating temperature to -15, -20 °C, so people can skate and play sports there in winter”, A. V. Ivanov, the First Deputy Head of Aldan Region municipality, told.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru