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22:44 | Nov 13 | 2013

Presentation of Olonkho Nyurgun Botur the Swift in English in London

A great work on translation of the Yakutian national culture monument - heroic epos Olonkho Nyurgun Botur the Swift - into English has been completed. On this occasion, on December 2, London will host a presentation of the project of the North-Eastern Federal University.

The translation of the Yakutian heroic epos Olonkho by Platon Oiunsky Nyurgun Botur the Swift was made by the NEFU Research Institute of Olonkho. The chief editor of the book is Vasily Ivanov - Academician of the RS (Y), Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Director of the NEFU Institute of Olonkho.

Full translation of Olonkho from Yakutian into English has been made for the first time in history. The publication has been also edited by Zhiniviev Perrault from Canada, Paul Norbury – Director of Renaissanse Books Publishing, and Svetlana Johnston  - a native of our republic living in the UK for more than 20 years, PhD of Philology.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru