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19:54 | Nov 12 | 2013

Yakutsk authorities to compensate suburban bus fares for students

From January 1, 2014, the District Administration of Yakutsk will compensate bus return fares from the suburbs to places of study for the students of local institutions of higher and secondary specialized education with the help of individual student travel cards.

The fundamental decision of fares partial subsidize to full-time students of institutions of higher and secondary education, permanently living in the suburbs and studying in Yakutsk, has been made by the city Head Aisen Nikolaev. Administration of Yakutsk suburbs will make lists for registration of students’ transportation cards on the basis of passports with registrations, student ID cards and certificates from dean's offices. The lists will be refined and extended twice a year, on September 15 and March 15, following the results of sessions and enrollments. In fact, each student card will be named, i.e. it will have an individual number for a particular bus route.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru