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18:07 | Oct 29 | 2013

Results of Best Jeweler of Yakutia 2013 competition

  The competition Best in Profession gathered 75 participants - representatives of 13 companies and 6 educational institutions.

The event determined winners in competitions Best Cutter of Yakutia - 2013 and Best Jewelry of Yakutia - 2013. At the end of the Best Jeweler of Yakutia – 2013competition, the first place in the nomination The Jeweler - Carpenter went to Petr Kirillin (Uran Sakha, Jewelry Plant), the second place went to Motryona Ivanova (Gold of Yakutia), the third place - to Aleksey Tretyakov (EPL Jeweller, LLC).
There was also awarding of winners in the following nominations:  The Modeler of Cast Models, The Artist - Designer, The Jewelry Setter, The Jewelry - Engraver.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru