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22:05 | Oct 25 | 2013

Yakutsk elderly residents received medical care during the Open Days

  On October 1 – 10, Yakutsk held the Open Days for the elderly in order to fulfill the Plan of the Main Organizational Arrangements of the Yakutsk District Administration dedicated to the International Day of Older Persons in Russia.

For 10 days, Yakutsk medical organizations providing primary health care had been examining 2,420 people, including those living in suburban villages of Tabaga, Markha, Magan, Prigorodnoe, Kangalassy, Khatassy and Tulagino.
Doctors conducted instrumental methods of examination, such as electrocardiography, ultrasonic scanning, chest and joints X-ray diffraction, and others. They made domiciliary ​​instrumental and laboratory tests - electrocardiographic studies and general clinical analyzes.
Besides, the Department of Health held a celebration and gift-giving of medical workers of retirement age.