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22:05 | Oct 25 | 2013

Yakutia to make new wolves catching traps more available

  Yakutsk held a meeting of the Joint Management Committee in the sphere of the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standardswith the participation of representatives from the United States, Canada and EU countries.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister Petr Alekseev, the annual damage made by wolves in the farms of Yakutia is about $ 7 - 6 million. Regarding the results of the first 9 months of 2013, the damage has amounted to over $ 5 million. “It has a negative impact on the development of horse breeding, northern and home reindeer herding”, - he stressed.
“Unfortunately, the work on spread of a new type of traps in the country is slow. Russia has no center for certification and standardization of humane traps. So, we are raising a question about more rapid progress of the project to the federal government. The Republic Government offers to sell such traps at a cheap price or provide free traps instead of old ones”, - the Deputy Prime Minister said.
Photo'ssource: http://ysia.ru