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18:17 | Oct 16 | 2013

“The Road to the Temple is the Way to God” art works competition in Vilyuisk

  Vilyuisk town held a competition of art works on the theme “The Road to the Temple is the Way to God” within a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Yakutsk Diocese revival and especially for the great consecration of St. Nicholas Church.

The Rector of St. Nicholas Church, Monk-priest Roman (Sokolnikov), met with pupils of the Children's Art School of Vilyuisk and their teachers to thank everyone for their active participation in the competition and give them presents.
The priest reminded children the Gospel parable about the talents that need to be developed and increased, praising the All-Merciful Lord with their works.
G. Aksyonova - Doctor of Historical Sciences, member of the Writers' Union of Russia, professor of the Moscow State Pedagogical University - also greeted young artists and wished them always keep love for God, their Fatherland and teachers in their hearts.