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17:57 | Oct 15 | 2013

Neryungry youth against harmful addictions

  “We are the Future of Neryungrinsky Region” is the name of a campaign against negative addictions held by young residents of Neryungry from October 14 to December 6.

A large number of events are planned to be held in schools and vocational education institutions, such as round tables, lectures and conversations with doctors, police officers, and experts of the Drug Control Service. Young people will be visited by a priest monk of the Church of the Icon of the Kazan God Mother, Father Arkady. The public organization “Bethel” will hold training sessions on the project “Life Guidance”.
Experts of the Regional Administration, the Drug Control Service, the Drug Dispensary and MIA Department will help young people to organize work of helpline, free consultations and diagnostic psychological and educational testing to identify students and schoolchildren prone to various kinds of addictions (tobacco, alcohol, drugs).
The stadium “Gornyak” is planned to host sports competitions among teams of educational institutions and young workers during the campaign.
On November 30, there will be a Regional Youth Ball, which was held last year for the first time and had a great success.
On December 1, the World AIDS Day, there will be a youth march in the town streets and a concert of creative youth teams on the big stage of the Center of Culture and Spirituality.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru