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23:30 | Oct 01 | 2013

Khangalassky ulus starts a pilot project on lonely older persons’ service

  Khangalassky region of Yakutia is starting a new project within a decade devoted to the International Day of Older Persons.

The Khangalassky Social Service is implementing a so-called “outsourcing” - a state and private partnership in the sphere of service of lonely elderly persons in five villages of the ulus - Oktyomtsy, Bulgunnyakhtakh, Tit-Ebe, Kerdem, and Kachikatsy. Starting this year, entrepreneurs or individual persons will care for the elderly and disabled at their homes. The government will allocate money to people working with the elders in the amount of 12 thousand rubles for patronage over four elderly.
Besides, the state budget will pay salary to one social specialist in each village; their sphere of activities will significantly expand and include work with the poor, large families, and children from the “risk group”.
The Social Protection Department of Khangalassky ulus has conducted extensive preparatory and explanatory work for six months. It has already held competitions among those who want to take up the outsourcing, and defined and approved tariffs for additional services for the elderly. At the end of the year, the Social Service will review the work of entrepreneurs on the project for three months.