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17:37 | Sep 30 | 2013

Reproductive Health Center opened in Yakutsk

On September 27, the Statehood Day of the Sakha Republic, the capital of Yakutia opened a Reproductive Health Center.

This event was significant for the city and Yakutia, as the new facility will allow doctors to carry out activities for prevention and integrated diagnosis of hereditary and genetic diseases of a fetus, as well as render a wide range of specialized advice, medical and diagnostic and psychological and social assistance to pregnant women.

This event is also special for the fact that the Reproductive Health Centre introduction has completed the facilities construction planned within the framework of the Republican Program “Modernization of Health Care” ending this year.

A beautiful bright three-floored building located on Bestuzhev-Marlinsky St. is a truly dream realization of any doctor and patient.

It joins all the experts and a range of diagnostic studies that can help babies to be born safely.

The Director of the Medical Center of Yakutsk Elena Borisova conducted an excursion over the center: she told guests about specialists and modern equipment in the building. In total, 13 specialists will consult pregnant women; there are 10 types of diagnostic studies in the institution. In addition, the center has a service of physiological aid and support for women got in difficult situations.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru