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18:25 | Sep 25 | 2013

NEFU students passed “Diamond Way”

Mirny was visited by students of the North-Eastern Federal University of Yakutsk within the “Diamond Week”. The excursion group consisted of 70 students, who had showed the best results in their studies and public life. The guests stay and arrival was organized by the Administration of Mirninsky region with the support of “ALROSA”.

Boys and girls were met at the airport by the Deputy Head of the region, Viktor Shestakov. The students visited the memorial complex “Vilyuisky ring” and the stela “Mir Pipe”. They also visited unique industrial facilities. The pipe “Mir” exploitation ended in 2001, but the monumental structure still causes admirations of everyone who enters its observation deck for the first time. Students could keep in memory what they saw in the “ALROSA” Centre for Diamonds Sorting as photographing was prohibited there.

By the end of the excursion program, future professionals’ questions had a practical interest in employability and job prospects in enterprises of the diamond-mining complex. All the tour participants were presented certificates of the unique tourist route “Diamond Way” passage on their way to the airport.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru