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16:53 | Sep 20 | 2013

Yakutsk holds roundtables on entrepreneurship

Yakutsk is continuing hosting business events of the exhibition “Business Expo-2013”. On September 19, there has been coordinating councils held by relevant ministries and departments on creation of favorable conditions for development of small and medium-sized businesses of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Thus, the Ministry of Architecture and Construction Industry of the RS (Y) held a meeting under the leadership of the Acting Minister Mikhail Keresyasov. “The work of today's council is conducted within the framework of events dedicated to the Entrepreneur Day of the republic. We all know that today, 90% of the construction workers are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Entrepreneurs are experiencing great difficulties in land obtaining, further obtaining of permits and so on. Similar problems arise not only in Yakutsk but also in Russia as a whole” – the Acting Minister opened the Council with these words.

The Ministry of Architecture is holding a planned work on documents preparation for territorial planning. These are basic documents for entrepreneurs engaged in construction. Municipalities do not have the right to issue documents and lands without them. The process is being controlled by the federal ministries; the period of its implementation is scheduled for the end of 2013.

During the dialogue with the business representatives, the coordination council members have passed a resolution which will be included in a plenary meeting of the exhibition. The liveliest debate was caused by the issue of migrant workers involvement in the construction business due to the lack of representatives of construction professions, avoidance of transparent tax schemes by some entrepreneurs and so on.