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23:59 | Sep 19 | 2013

10 Yakutsk school children to light Olympic Flame

 In September, Yakutsk summed up the competition among school children of schools of Yakutsk for a trip to Ancient Olympia.

Aisen Nikolayev, the Head of the city, had reached an agreement with the Municipality of Ancient Olympia saying that 10 pupils from Yakutsk would take part in the flame lighting ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi on September 28, 2013.
There was an essay competition to determine children who would present the native republic at the ceremony. Thus, there are the following 10 pupils:
1. Aitalina Sannikova, Yakutsk City National Gymnasium;
2. Lisa Nikonov, Secondary School 5;
3. Fedor Markov, Secondary School 26;
4. Oleg Diyakonov, Secondary School 19;
5. Diana Eremeeva, Secondary School 26;
6. Andrey Arinkin, Aiyy kyhata, a branch of the YSNG;
7. Anatoly Protodiyakonov, City Classical Gymnasium;
8. Saiaana Grigorieva, Yakutsk City National Gymnasium;
9. Denis Popov, City classical Gymnasium;
10. Veronika Rodionova, Secondary School 21.