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23:05 | Sep 18 | 2013

Results of the Republican Children's Competition “Take Care of the Forest!”

  The Department of Forestry Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has summed up the Republican Competition of Children's Drawings and Posters “Take Care of the Forest!”.

The competition committee has chosen the best works:
The senior age group:
2 place - Kyunney Tartyeva, Yakutsk, Secondary School ¹ 7;
3 place - Anna Mikhailova, Olekminsky region, Kyllakh village, Kyllakhskaya Secondary School;
The average age group:
1 place - Saiyyna Antonova, Vilyuisk town, Vilyuiskaya Secondary School ¹ 3;
2 place - Anastasia Kornilova, Ust -Maya , Ust -Maiskaya Secondary School;
3 place - Oksana Diyachkovskaya, Amginsky region, Onnes village, Amgino-Nakharinskaya Secondary School;
The younger age group:
1 place – Rada Gogoleva, Amginsky region, Betyunskaya Secondary School;
2 place - Ramilya Zabirova, Mirny, Mirny Secondary School ¹ 26;
3 place - Nikolina Ignatieva, Vilyuisk, Vilyuiskaya Secondary School ¹ 3.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru