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22:05 | Sep 17 | 2013

Yakutsk driving school - one of the best in Russia

Following the results of the all-Russian rating held by the Russian Association of Professional Transport Education (Rosproftansobr), the Autonomous Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) “Professional Lyceum 11” was awarded the II degree diploma with a score of 83.61 points in the category “Best Russian Driving School”; this result was one of the best rates among the participants in this category.
The Russian review competition of driving training is being held among educational institutions and organizations providing training and re-training of drivers of various categories vehicles during 2012-2014 years. This competition was held by the National Rating Agency of Leaders of the Russian Driving Training “LIRA” with the support of the Russian Association of Professional Transport Education, the Federation of Driving Schools Associations and the executive authorities.
The victory in this competition demonstrates the high quality of drivers training in the “Professional Lyceum 11”.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru