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17:51 | Sep 12 | 2013

Winners of “Urban Family – 2013” and “Rural Family – 2013” competitions

 The Kolodeznikovs family from Yakutsk has won the competition “Urban Family – 2013”; a large family the Maksimovs from Khangalassky region and a large family the Kuzmins from Olyokminsky region have won the competition “Rural Family – 2013”.

This decision was made on 11 September at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Competition and Award Commission of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Family Policy of the republic under the leadership of the Minister Afanasy Vladimirov. Besides representatives of the Ministry, the commission included the heads of public organizations of the republic.
The final competition was attended with large families from Amginsky, Anabarsky, Gorny, Zhigansky, Kobyaisky, Namsky, Neruyngrinsky, Olyokminsky, Srednekolymsky, Ust-Aldansky, Ust-Maisky, Churapchinsky, Khangalassky, and Tattinsky uluses, Yakutsk, Aldan, and Mirny.
The winning families will be invited to the annual Festival “Family of the Year – 2013” in Yakutsk.