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17:50 | Sep 12 | 2013

Yakutian girl, who saved the boy’s life, posthumously got a Medal

It became known that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin issued a decree to posthumously award Sofia Ilinova, a pupil of the Verkhnevilyuisk Secondary School, with the medal “For Life Saving” for bold and decisive actions during the rescue of people in emergency situations. Three years ago she saved a nine-year-old boy at the cost of her life.
On that day, June 12, 2010, the girl jumped into the river without hesitation, where Aleksey Mikhailov was drowning. The twelve-year-old schoolgirl swam to the boy right in her clothes. Having approached the child and grasped his hands, Sofia started dragging him on the bank. But a strong flow did not allow doing it. She pushed the boy with the last efforts to a branch sticking out of the water saying: “Hang on!”. The semi-conscious boy was drawn out by adults who ran up at the moment; Sofia could not get out - her body was found downstream later during a search operations. 
“Sofia was very active: she went in for sports and once took the second place in the region’s athletics contest. She was courageous and selfless and loved children (she had two younger brothers and two elder ones). This is a very good thing that her action has been assessed in such a way” - Irina Kim said. She also said she often met the boy rescued by Sofia - Alyosha Mikhailov – a 6-form-pupil of Verkhnevilyuisk School No 2. “He is a good and bright boy”, - Sofia’s mother added.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru