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17:51 | Sep 11 | 2013

Lensk opened a boarding school for pupils from villages

 It is no secret that full education can be provided in schools with teachers of all subjects and a status of a comprehensive one. Alas, it is extremely difficult to provide villages with population of 100-300 people with it. It turns out that seniors from small villages have to rent apartments in the town or live with their relatives to get certificates. On September 5, Lensk opened a new boarding school for pupils of 6-11 forms.

The new institution was reconstructed from an old shopping center located on the territory of School No 3. Today, it is a well-appointed building with modern repair meeting the highest standards. At present, well-equipped dormitories are designed for 24 people. Besides, there are a kitchen-dining room, a large lounge room, a training class room, shower rooms and toilets in the institution.
The staff of the boarding school includes nurses for duty in shifts - teachers who will work in the daytime, a school keeper, a head, a cook, and a paramedic. The staff wages will meet the accepted standards; all the funding will be provided from the region’s budget.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru