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22:23 | Sep 06 | 2013

Mikhail Nikolayev praised the work of “Yakutia” Technopark

On September 2, the first President of Yakutia Mikhail Nikolaev visited the Technopark “Yakutia”. The guest was presented developments of the Technopark’s residents in the field of energetics, petrochemicals and others. The ex-President of the republic paid attention to the projects in the field of agriculture focused on increase of competitiveness of local producers.
The first President marked the importance of the Technopark existence in the republic and discussed a series of practical issues on creation of favorable environment for innovative companies work in the republic. “The Technopark is inextricably linked with science, so I think that it should be located in close proximity to the university”, - he said.
Besides, Mikhail Nikolayev praised the work of the Technopark and gave advice and recommendations, which can further be useful in the results implementation of the residents’ activity.