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17:42 | Sep 05 | 2013

Center for Social Service of Yakutsk summed up “Vegetable Garden on a Backyard” competition

From March 18 to August 30, the Integrated Center for Social Service of Yakutsk headed by Natalia Pakhomova held a competition “Vegetable Garden on a Backyard” within the Year of Yakutsk City Improvement and the Year of a Village. The organizers of the competition were the heads of departments of home care Maria Sidorova, Irina Ivanova and Anisiya Orlova.
The review competition, aimed at the life quality improving of elderly and disabled people, was held among people being serviced in the 2nd Department of Social Service of Home Care who have homes with backyards in the suburban villages of Khatassy, Tabaga, Syrdakh, Tulagino and Magan and independently keep house on their backyards.
In total, 9 backyards took part in the competition. The winner was a resident of Khatassy village Elizaveta Zakharova. The second place went to Anna Mikheeva, the third place - to Margarita Alekseeva from Khatassy. The winners received letters of thanks, valuable gifts and recognition prizes for the most distinguished participants.
The leadership of the Integrated Center for Social Service of Yakutsk and the organizers of the review competition “Vegetable Garden on a Backyard” have decided to make this event a traditional one and hold it every year.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru