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10:16 | Sep 03 | 2013

Yakutsk school children to know fundamentals of entrepreneurship

On September 1, 9-11-form pupils of School No 21 received textbooks “Entrepreneurship” as a gift.
The book was developed by teachers of the Institution of Additional Education “Business School” under the coordination of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development and the Ministry of Education. This gift was presented by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development, Ekaterina Kormilitsyna.
“Schools No 21 is aiming not only to give general knowledge, but also to prepare school children to face a market economy after school leaving and realize themselves in new economy conditions. I wish the pupils to get that knowledge which are so necessary for all the younger generation”- the Minister counseled.

Besides, on this Day of Knowledge, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development together with the school management have decided to open the first business-incubator for school children in the history of the republic.