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10:15 | Sep 03 | 2013

Children with cancer to rest on the Black Sea coast

Yakutian children with cancer have recently gone to the Black Sea coast - the summer camp “Ogonyok” - for the rehabilitation thanks to the intensive work of the Charity Fund “Celebration of Life”.
The rehabilitation camp “Ogonyok”, organized by a grant of the Supporting Fund for Children in Difficult Situations based on the summer camp “Niva” in Gelendzhik, is receiving children from Yakutia not for the first time. This year, the camp residents will 38 people from the republic. Children are waiting 18 unforgettable, cheerful and interesting days.
“The uniqueness of our camp “Ogognyok” is that the rehabilitation will be carried out for children with cancer in remission; their parents will live in an ordinary summer camp: they will also be full residents of the camp within a separate detachment with camp chants and all the rules of a camp life. “Celebration of Life” has organized seven camps of different directions for children with disabilities in Yakutia and two camps - outside the republic. The first pioneer experience was held in 2011 in the city of Gelendzhik”, - Alyona Atlasova, the Fund Director, says.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru