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12:09 | Sep 02 | 2013

599 healthy lifestyle posts in schools of Yakutia

On August 28, the meeting of the Republican Commission for minors and protection of their rights under the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia Feodosia Gabysheva - considered the issues and problems of prevention of social orphanhood, problem families and child abuse.
According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the republic, in the 1 half of 2013, specialists of the institutions of social services for families and children have conducted preventive works with 3.912 families being in difficult situations.
There are 599 HLS posts in comprehensive schools of the republic. The monitoring of the HLS posts in the educational institutions shows that preventive activities in schools positively change the situation.

At the end of the meeting, the members of the Republican Commission noted the effectiveness of the implementation of the Republic Complex Program “Keskil” for violence and child abuse prevention in 2011-2013. It also made a decision to continue this inter-institutional program.