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10:13 | Aug 30 | 2013

Results of the competition “Yakutsk through the Citizens’ Eyes”

The competition commission headed by the Deputy Head of the city Evdokiya Evsikova has summed up the traditional contest “Yakutsk through the Citizens’ Eyes” dedicated to the City Day.
This year's competition has been held under the motto of the declared Year of the Capital Improvement by the city Head Aisen Nikolaev.
The competition received works of 28 photographers – professionals and amateur photographers including schoolchildren and students.
Following the results, 63 best works of 18 authors were selected to be included in the album “Yakutsk through the Citizens’ Eyes”.
The prizes places in four categories were the following:
“The City Landscape”: 1 place - Nikolay Makarov with photos “Sunset in the Old Town” and “Winter Landscape of Lake Saysary”, 2 place - Alexander Bozhedonov with a photo “Lake Warm”, 3 place - Dmitry Lyasheev with a photo “Church”;
“My Capital”: 1 place - Tatiana Pestryakova with a photo "Opening of Natalia Vodianova’s Playground”, 2 place - Vladimir Grigoriev with a photo “Wings”, 3 place - Nikolay Makarov with a photo “Fireworks on the Victory Day”;
 “The Year of Yakutsk Improvement”: 1 place - Alina Alekseeva with a photo “Our Yakutsk with Love for Children”, 2 place - Semyon Sergeev with a photo “Sparkle to the Whole City!”, 3 place - Evgeny Nikiforov with a photo “Panorama of Mother’s Square”;
“A Citizen”: 1 place - Aleksey Pudov with a photo “Along new Sidewalks”, 2 place - Sardana Nogovitsyna with a photo “Carefree Childhood”, 3 place - Sergey Sarkisov, a pensioner, with a photo “V. Antonov, a leading actor of the SARDT named after A. Pushkin, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War”.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru