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10:07 | Aug 29 | 2013

IT- technologies to create new jobs in villages

 The Oktyomsky branch of the Yakutsk State Agricultural Academy held a round table “IT-technologies and promotion of rural youth employment”, where the meeting participants discussed how rural youth can become successful startups with the use of modern information technologies and how to further develop their business and find vents in the world market of IT-products.

Broad-spectrum activities of Technopark “Yakutia” and successes of its residents have been told by its director Anatoly Semyonov. The Technopark’s residents are 35 companies working in various sectors of the economy. It should be noted that the residents have earned over 70 million rubles for the first half of 2013. Khangalassky ulus arouses great interest for the establishment of a branch of Technopark there because one of the main activities of the Technopark is development in the field of biotechnology.
The Head of the ulus, Yury Zaitsev also supported the idea of creating the Agricultural Technopark in Khangalassky ulus and signing of an agreement with the Technopark. He also endorsed an idea of opening a branch of the Technopark in Oktyomtsy village which undoubtedly will be a platform for creation of additional jobs in the nasleg and attract young people to the village.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru