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23:25 | Aug 28 | 2013

Yakutia draw up preliminary results of children’s health campaign-2013

Total health campaign in Yakutia in 2013 covered 4.5 thousand children.
This summer, 672 sanitary institutions met over 60.000 children, which is 47% of the total number of school children. Last year, 56.185 people were involved during the season. Among them there were 9 year-round sanitary recreation camps, 43 country residential recreation camps, 61 tent camps, 13 camps of labor and recreation and 546 camps of day stay.
As of August 25, health and leisure institutions outside the republic have been visited by 1.175 children: over 900 children visited health institutions of the Krasnodar Region; over 200 children visited the Amur and Primorye Regions through the Ministry of Education of the republic.
645 children from the regions affected by the spring flood - Bulunsky, Srednekolymsky, Namsky, Ust-Aldansky, Olyokminsky uluses and Yakutsk - were sent to sanatoriums of Yakutsk and outside the republic.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru