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00:49 | Aug 28 | 2013

Children from large families got “A school bag as a gift” in Yakutsk

On the eve of September 1, the great hall of the District Administration held an action “A school bag as a gift”, where the head of the republic's capital Aisen Nikolaev awarded school bags to first-graders. 
“School bags as a gift” were handed over 90 children from large families with five or more children and families with two or more this year’s first-graders.
It should be noted that this year Yakutsk schools will meet 3300 pupils, 741 of which are children of large families.
Besides, the first-graders and their parents had the opportunity to visit the Republican Park “Orto Doidu” and got tickets to the attractions of the Recreation Park and the Central Cinema.

Photo's source: http://ysia.ru