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14:48 | Aug 22 | 2013

Competition of social projects “Beloved City”

 On the eve of the City Day, the initiative group of the project “podklyuchAISya” is holding a competition of social projects “Beloved City” among residents of Yakutsk. The main purpose of the contest is search for interesting and socially important projects, one of which will be realized and presented as a gift to the hometown on its birthday.

Any citizen over 18 years old dreaming to make his or her hometown better can take part in the competition. It is just necessary to join a group “podklyuchAISya” (vk.com/yakutskgorodmoi) in the social network VKontakte and send a project there. The winner will be a participant with the highest number of points in voting.
 The author of the best project will get a prize in the form of iPhone5 and 100,000 rubles for the implementation of his or her idea. The winner will be determined on September 1, 2013.