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14:47 | Aug 22 | 2013

Evgeny Kaspersky in Yakutia

 Being in Yakutsk, the head of a private company “Kaspersky Lab” Evgeny Kaspersky has said that the company has all features to decrease cyber crime on the territory of the Republic of Sakha.

During a meeting with concerned representatives of the republican authorities, Evgeny Kaspersky warned that the information security problems are becoming more threatening.
According to the company, the cyber attacks are divided into three constituent parts: cyber crime, cyber espionage and cyber-terrorism. “We are dealing with all three threats. We have technologies to tell you what you should do. We are here to decrease cyber crime on the territory of Yakutia and get rid of cyber-espionage and cyber-terrorism “, - Evgeny Kaspersky said.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru