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00:13 | Aug 21 | 2013

Yakutian youth to take part in the Far Eastern Forum “Islands”

Today, the representatives of talented youth of Yakutia are going to take part in the Far Eastern Youth Forum “Islands”, which will bring together young people from 10 regions of Russia - about 1,200 participants.
The Forum will consist of 9 themed directions on various spheres of activity. Participants will be able to acquire new knowledge and prove themselves in the field of innovation entrepreneurship, community initiatives, creativity, and journalism.
During the Youth and Educational Forum “SakhaSeliger” held in Yakutia, the Ministry of Youth Affairs selected 8 people who would take part in the Far Eastern Forum on August 20 - 29 at the sanatorium “Forest Lake” on the shores of a picturesque Lake Tunaicha of Sakhalin Island.