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17:35 | Aug 08 | 2013

Housing conditions of large families to be improved

 From August 17 there will be applications accepted for competition of projects “Improve your housing” for grants awarding by the government of Yakutia. Family with seven or more children under 23 years may take part in a competitive selection.

The grant will be given for improvement of such hosing changes as repair, improvement, expansion, reconstruction of available housing and construction of housing.
A competition commission will select projects on the following criteria: consistency with purposes and objectives of the competition; need to improve housing; a recommendation letter from a head of a municipal region or a city district with a characteristics of a family, information about education, awards, merits and other achievements of family members, their active participation in social life of a village, ulus (region) of the Republic, and a personal example of healthy lifestyle and reasonability of grant award.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru