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18:16 | Aug 06 | 2013

Surgical unit to fly to Yakutia north

 The Minister of Health has signed a decree on organization of a permanent mobile surgical unit. It will consist of three specialists of the Republican Hospital No 2 - the Center of Emergency Medicine.

For instance, it is planned to direct a surgeon, a vascular surgeon and a physician-coloproctologists in Zhigansk this autumn; Nyurba is waiting for a surgeon, an otolaryngologist and a vascular surgeon. This team can require an intensivist and a surgical nurse.

Each time surgeons will have to operate on three - thirty patients.

The scheduled plan, which takes into account applications of the central regional hospitals, has included regions of the Far North and equated localities.

According to the applications, the regions are most in needed for vascular surgeons, traumatologists-orthopedists and general surgeons.


Photo's source: http://ysia.ru