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19:49 | Aug 01 | 2013

Center for Strategic Studies of Yakutia sets large missions

 The Center for Strategic Studies of Yakutia sets large goals on development of research works and analytical reports in the sphere of planning of economic development, improvement of state and municipal government, creation of new development institutions and investment policy in the republic.

The Center for Strategic Studies will be engaged in scientific expertise of separate project solutions developed by both state and federal authorities, preparation of monthly analytical review of changes in the global and Russian economies affecting the social and economic development of Yakutia, as well as provide advisory service to the executive authorities of the republic.
Besides, the Center for Strategic Studies is developing and maintaining part of the data-processing system of the Situation Centre of the President of Yakutia which is being created today in the area of social and economic development. CSS is also studying the experience of other regions on organization of situational centers.
At the moment, the experts of CSS are analyzing the development of the region’s public sector, developing a model of social and economic development of rural settlements, determining an economically reasonable cost of construction of 1 sqm of housing in the republic, supporting the implementation of the complex investment project “Integrated Development of South Yakutia”, establishing ties with academic institutions, and working on other issues.